Unique QR Codes (Images) in Emails

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Unique QR Codes (Images) in Emails

Hi Marketoland,

I work at an event based organization, and we're looking to include unique QR codes into our confirmation emails that go out prior to an event. We'll be hosting the codes externally. Does anyone have a smart idea as to how we can add these into our Marketo campaigns? The QR code would be unique to the person receiving the email, and the same code would be used for that individual whenever they register for an event.

Any help with how we can implement this? Would it make sense to new field, and when we import a list, it would reference that?


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Re: Unique QR Codes (Images) in Emails

If the code URLs can follow a consistent pattern that incorporates Marketo lead identifiers, then you don't need to save anything to a Marketo field.  Rather, you can link to a path like https://qrgenerator.com/getCode?uid={{Lead.Id}}