Twilio - Send SMS alert when email goes out

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Twilio - Send SMS alert when email goes out


I have setup my Twilio webhook and the fill out form but what I want to do is send a SMS (A new trade alert is on your members-only website: ) when we have an email trade alert. I saw some people created a program with tokens to send the SMS but no one has mentioned how they have set it up. Can anyone with Twilio integrated help me with the setup? How do you link everything? The message will be different every time we send since we send the links to the article. Thanks!

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Re: Twilio - Send SMS alert when email goes out

Hi Danielle,


Happy to help out here.


While I have not used Twilio for SMS in Marketo, I have done the exact same thing with Telnyx in Marketo and documented the setup in the blog posts below:


The first 2 posts will show you how to set up your webhook and then build an SMS responder in Zapier to respond to inbound SMS messages. Then the last post will show you how to send SMS messages from within smart campaigns, which should allow you to send an SMS whenever you receive an email trade alert.


The last post also shows how to use the {{campaign.description}} token in the SMS webhook so that you can change the SMS message from smart campaign to smart campaign and still use a single webhook

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Re: Twilio - Send SMS alert when email goes out

Hi Danielle,

Perkuto has some good documentation on how to setup the Twilio webhook with tokens:

To use tokens for Twilio's messages, instead of typing the message in the webhook template, insert {{my.smsmessage}} instead.

Then, you can add that token as a text token in any program you'd like to use SMS with, and populate the token value with the message copy you'd like to send.

For your case, every time you send a new alert, you can simply edit the token in the program to have the new link.


If you need to have the website change on the fly based on a field value in a person's record, you can hard-code part of the message in the template, and then add the person token there.