Re: Troubleshoot SFDC>Marketo Sync Errors

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Troubleshoot SFDC>Marketo Sync Errors

Hi there -

Hoping to solve for a few things:

1) If a record exists in SFDC but not in Marketo, what is the best way to create it? Editing a field does not do the trick, and the sync user visibility has been checked and not the problem.

2) If a record exists in SFDC and Marketo but are not linked up for some reason, what is the best way to connect them and sync?

3) If a SFDC record was previously synced to a Marketo record but that Marketo record has been deleted, what happens?

Background: We just re-connected a SFDC instance that we previously had connected and then disconnected from our Marketo instance over the last few years.


Kim Burditt
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Re: Troubleshoot SFDC>Marketo Sync Errors

Hi Kim,

1/ the problem is probably with you existing roles and sharing rule. the Marketo sync user does not has access to the record and therefore Marketo cannot "see" this record and sync it.

2/ Sync the record from SFDC to Marketo. This will create a duplicate in Marketo that you can merge there. If you have many, consider a automated merge tool. There are quite a few in the launchpoint. Marketo also has it's own offering. Contact Jep Castelein​ for this.

3/ your Marketo data is lost forever (mainly activities and program membership). But you can sync the record back from SFDC to Marketo. That will create a new record in Marketo.

The sync that was connected and then disconnected can lead to many of these touchy situations. Once the sync is back in place, you will probably need a strong dedupe solution.