triggers taking too long

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triggers taking too long

I have a Triggered Campaign with a Single Trigger, Data Value Changed.  But it is not happeneing when I expected it to.  It is happening much later.  When I look at the Activity Log of my test lead this is what I see (summary below).  Is this expected behavior?  I am trying to use this campaign to append new values to a History Field (Text).  With this kind of lapse, there is a chance the field could get changed multiple times in the 20 minutes and I would miss out on some of the history.

Data Value Changed: 10:57PM
Trigger Campaign: 11:13PM
Time Difference: 16 minutes

Data Value Changed: 11:05PM
Trigger Campaign: 11:28PM
Time Difference: 23 minutes

Data Value Changed: 11:09PM
Trigger Campaign: 11:38PM
Time Difference: 29 minutes
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Re: triggers taking too long

This is pretty common. You likely have a lot of triggers running (check Campaign Q) and the system is processing something else.

You can try a few things:
  1. turn off unneeded triggers
  2. convert to batch if possible
  3. setup your data flows to be controlled by request campaigns
  4. setup wait steps on some triggers.