Triggering Nurture Programs from SFDC activity

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Triggering Nurture Programs from SFDC activity

Is there any way to trigger a lead nurture program in Marketo upon uploading a list in SFDC
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Re: Triggering Nurture Programs from SFDC activity

Hi Julie,
Yes! Here's what you would do:
  1. Create your nurture program with streams and content
  2. Create your static list in Marketo you will upload to
  3. Create a smart campaign with the trigger action 'Added to list' referencing your static list
  4. Set a flow action 'Add to engagment program' and point to your program and stream(s)
  5. Activate
Every time you upload leads to that list, they will be automatically added to your nurture stream.

If you are uploading the list to SFDC instead of Marketo you would just tweak this.
  • When you upload to SFDC, add all the new leads to a SFDC campaign
  • Set your Marketo trigger action to be 'Added to SFDC campaign' and add the filter to only look at the campaign you are adding the new leads into
  • Flow steps are the same
In general however, I would recommending adding leads to Marketo and not SFDC. It depends on how you are setup, but adding them to Marketo first gives you a lot more control in where the leads go and how they are tracked in both Marketo and SFDC.