Passing a value to a radio box in an email....

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Passing a value to a radio box in an email....

Hopfully I can articulate this so that I can get some good feedback.

Here is my issue:
I am putting our application for ernollment on our website as a Marketo form. That form contains drop down fields and radio button selectors. (That part is simple and straight forward).

When a prospect submits that application, I want to send the admissions rep (i.e. the lead owner) an email which is a "pretty version" of the application, not just the submitted values so that the rep can print out the "application" and have the student sign it when they do their tour. The reason I am doing this is I also want to and host that form on the website so that we have a blank one that can be printed out for walk-ins.

Basically, I'm merging the data into the email like you would for tokens - most fields are easy to accomodate - like Name, Address, Phone...and so forth. But the fields on the form that are radio boxes aren't populating the radio boxes in the email.

I guess what I am looking for is a way to check the box if the value is true/present.

So to simplify this, the html email would have code like this:

<input type="radio" name="Gender__c" value="male" checked if Gender__c = male >&nbsp;Male&nbsp;
<input type="radio" name="Gender__c" value="female">&nbsp;Female

I am not sure if I can even do it, and I can of course just take out the non-passable values and say Gender: {{lead.Gender__c}} but I would like to be able to use radio buttons so that the email code can be used for multiple needs.


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Re: Passing a value to a radio box in an email....


Have you thought about creating a segmentation for your {{lead.Gender__c}} field, then using that segmentation to show different copy in the email?