Trigger MQL Token Exercise

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Trigger MQL Token Exercise

Hi everyone, question for you all:

Background: We have an MQL program in marketo that triggers when something is an MQL and updates a status for SFDC. My team would like us to pass the most recent SFDC campaign ID which the lead MQLed on. I will be passing the ID to a lookup field.

From my research I need to make a token and add it to each marketo program "SFDC Campaign ID" 

Question: Is this the best way to do this? Is there a better way? Also, if this is the best way–can I make a trigger token so I do not have to add another flow step in every MQL program in Marketo.


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Re: Trigger MQL Token Exercise

Oof, if you must do it in Marketo then (redundantly) setting the {{my.token}} to the ID of the synced Campaign is the way. But this is far, far better done in SFDC so you don't have anything to remember/mess up. (Not saying you in particular would mess it up, we all would eventually. )

Or a webhook could automate the process (as it can read the ID and write it back to the person record) but I wouldn't do this if you have > 5000 such shifts happening per day.