Trigger email using "In Future" date

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Trigger email using "In Future" date

We have a custom field called PD_Trial_Thru_Date. We want to reach out, say, 7 days before the Trial_Thru_Date, but we are often changing the Trial_Thru_Date as we extend trials - because of this simple wait steps don't work.

We are trying to trigger the email using PD_Trial_Thru_Date in future 7 days. See Screen Shot


The email is not firsing as expected so we either misunderstand how "in future" works or have it set-up incorrectly. Any ideas on either what we are doing wrong or advice on how to acheive what we are trying to do? THank You!!
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Re: Trigger email using "In Future" date

Hi Brian,

The filters look good to me. My suspicion on why your triggers aren't working, though, is that one or more of the dates could still be not yet populated when your lead is created.

So you could either take out the filters here, and remove folks in the flow steps (you have the option of waiting to check to see if values exist there) who DON'T fit the date criteria, or you could add more triggers for when the values of each date change from NULL to something that fits in your criteria. If you were to do the latter, you would need to also add a "Leads is Created = today" filter to make sure you're only capturing leads created today.

Hope that all made sense.
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Re: Trigger email using "In Future" date

Well, I think you might want to rely more on using the date token in a Wait Step and then checking the value again after the step is over.

As Charlie pointed out, ALL of the criteria you posted has to be true and it will happen as soon as the Lead Is Created, as long as all 3 items are present. Is your system receiving those values all at the same time?

A better way may be to say:

Lead is Created from Web API or whatever.

Wait 10 minutes
Check if lead is a Member of Smart List IN "All 3 criteria present"
Then Request Campaign IS "Trial Nurture - Basic"

inside this campaign, it then routes the person based on length of trial. A sister campaign listens for Data Value Changes on Trial End Date. If that happens, it then moves the person to a new flow or Stream.
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Re: Trigger email using "In Future" date

Hey Brian, I agree with Charlie and Josh above... It seems to me like you sort of answered your question in the way that you wrote your question above, and then showed your screenshot. Technically, you aren't triggering an email using the "In Future" date. The image shows you triggering based on the lead being created and then all of the filters have to be present.

You might consider changing your trigger to be a data value change, for the PD_Trial_Thru_Date, and then use a constraint for future 7 days. Sometimes these constraints can be finicky, but this might work as well.