Traffic Cop - Prioritizing/Routing between many different program types

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Traffic Cop - Prioritizing/Routing between many different program types

Hi all,

We are looking to employ a "Traffic Cop" to check priority of outgoing campaigns and route each based on lead profiles (this seems to be a different function than others that have posted in the community). We're using a master router architecture, but are struggling to find a solution that dynamically pauses or unpauses send campaigns for all types of programs, not just engagement streams. ie - "If a lead is added to this type of program (using naming conventions) then take this step or that step (pause all other programs or only pause 1, 2, 3, etc)". We are looking for an alternative to using program status to identify leads / perform this action.

In theory, we could use a pause status and have a campaign looking for that status not send communications or pause engagement stream, BUT that status would be very operational and vary pretty widely from the regular purposes of all of our programs and would require a significant amount of back-work to all of our existing programs.

It's also a requirement that this program live in its own operational campaign to control the rest.

Any puzzle lovers out there with suggestions?