Tracking URL for Social+Custom Source

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Tracking URL for Social+Custom Source

Hey y'all!

We're a very recent MKTO customer (coming over from Hubspot). I'd like to get an idea on how a process I used in Hubspot transfers to MKTO. Here's the layout:

As we don't currently have an employee advocacy program through a social media management tool (yet), I had been creating custom tracking URLs within a Hubspot "employee advocacy" campaign that I had created. This allowed me to not only track that a source visited our page through social, but also they came from an employee's link. The pages I link to will have a Munchkin on it as they're all within our resources page. However, they will not have embedded MKTO forms.

I understand how to create a tracking URL and UTM codes and all that good stuff, but I'm getting hung up on what happens in MKTO. Do I need to create a program (Named "Social Tracking" or something similar?) and somehow track the UTM through filters? I'm over here scratching my head trying to figure this out! Anyone have any experience with this?

I've tried searching through the community and have found some great info related to UTM codes and social tracking in general, but nothing to really show what to do after...

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Tracking URL for Social+Custom Source

Hey Brett,

Good question for sure, but you aren't going to have much luck if you aren't capturing lead info.

The source/referrer information is stored on the person record.

I would use google analytics if you are just going to look at traffic to pages, and then utm's and hidden fields on forms to track source.