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Tracking Unengaged Leads



I'm trying to track unengaged leads which are basically anyone who doesn't open/click marketing or sales emails AND doesn't submit any form for over 52 weeks. (any open/click in marketing/sales emails or any form submission within 52 weeks would make the lead engaged).


I built below custom fields to help through the process preparing for the logic build in the smart campaign:

  1. Last Marketing Email Engagement Date (created this custom field to capture the latest of the 2 dates, last click or last open)
  2. Last Sales Email Engagement Date (passed from Salesforce)
  3. Last Form Submitted Date (created this custom field to keep track of the date when a form is submitted most recently) 
  4. Unengaged: is a custom Boolean field created to be ticked only if a lead is deemed unengaged.

The logic is:

  1. Each one of the 3 elements should be checked and if there's a date (not empty) they'll be included in next step otherwise they won't. The challenge is I can't do multiple IF-Then inside one Smart Campaign or Flow.
  2. For those that are NOT empty, if the date is older than 52 weeks in all of them then change Unengaged to True.

You can put it in a different way and say if any of the dates are not empty AND date is in past 52 weeks then change Unengaged to False. But how do we add the AND to multiple conditions? This is a screenshot of where I reached so far (and I only included Marketing Email Engagement and Form submission and it already looks too complicated and not scalable)

logic 1.jpg

logic 2.jpg

This is the advanced filters I added: ((1 and 2 and 3 and 4) or (5 and 6 and 7) or (8 and 9 and 10)) and (11 or 12)


Can someone help me make this much simpler and more scalable please?





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Re: Tracking Unengaged Leads

Hi Maen,


You can just use inactivity filters - or was there a reason you didn't want to use them? It'd look something like the screenshot below. For the sales emails, I assume they are sales emails tracked/sent in SFDC? If so, you can sync that activity over to Marketo in your CRM sync setup. Or you can also just use the field you've created and replace the 'not opened sales email / not clicked sales email' with 'Last Sales Email Engagement Date is in past before 52 weeks or Last Sales Email Engagement Date is empty'




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Re: Tracking Unengaged Leads

Hi Elsa,


Thanks for your reply, yea I think that would make sense too. I got help from our implementation agency which advised to split the process in 2 smart campaigns:

1. The first one marks unengaged leads: I wanted to make sure I don't take empty values which apparently gets picked up in the "in past before".


So this smart campaign would look at the 3 factors and mark a person as unengaged if any matched.


2. The second is to check if any of the 3 would actually contradict the rule of the first so it checks the 3 factors again but only for those marked as unengaged and it runs after the first one by 1 hour every day after mid-night.


So far this worked fine for us.

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