Re: Tracking Success for Social Media

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Tracking Success for Social Media

I feel like I know the answer to this already, but want to ask to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.

We have a Default Program with a landing page and form to download free content. Right now, to track who is coming form social, we use a hidden form field to capture the utm - depending on the value in that field, a smart campaign will mark a user as a success in a Social Media Default Program.

When running the program performance reports, the social campaigns end up reporting a 100% success.

What we're wondering is, is there a way that we could have Marketo more accurately represent success of the social media ad? We obviously cannot include everyone who has SEEN the ad as a member of the campaign, but maybe everyone who comes to the LP from the ad is a member of the social program and then is a success once they fill out the form? Or is this something we just have to piece together manually looking across the social business manager page and the results in Marketo?

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Re: Tracking Success for Social Media

What you've described is certainly doable since you are already using UTM parameters. You would need to make sure that the channel you are using for that social program has more than one status (maybe step 1 = member and step 2 = influenced (success)). Then you could use the Visits Web Page trigger with the querystring constraint to mark people as "member". And still use the fills out form as you described above to mark people as success.