Tracking Page Views of Gated Content

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Tracking Page Views of Gated Content



I am trying to setup a Marketo campaign to track users that have logged into our business dashboard.


The business dashboard has a Marketo munchkin and shows that it is tracking some clicks and users on these pages, but only a small portion. When I look at Google Analytics I see a much larger number of users who have gone and used our business dashboard.


I try to capture these users by using visited web page - then input the webpage that users land on after they have logged into their business account. I need some help understanding why it only captures a small portion of the users going to the page.

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Re: Tracking Page Views of Gated Content



How is it that you would expect the Munchkin session to be associated (as opposed to anonymous)? 

Remember, association only happens if


[a] the person follows a tracked Marketo link

[b] the person fills out a form

[c] other deliberate API-based association is performed