Tracking Email Sends Using Naming Convention

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Tracking Email Sends Using Naming Convention

Hi All - We're utilizing program naming conventions to organize the type of emails we are sending to our clients. We've been tasked to track the number of people that were sent an email type per month. I thought this would be pretty simple, but the results are not adding up.


Our operational naming convention is:

OP_ ES-Daily - [Name of program]


I'd like to find all people that were sent an Operational email at least once this month. Ideally, this smart list would be evergreen and does not need to be updated monthly.


Here's my smart list:



To my surprise, only a small percentage of the people that were actually sent an operational email appear. When I pull the smart list and individually select all of the possible campaigns, a much larger number of people appear in the list.



I've also tried using "starts with" since all program names begin with "OP_" but the results were the same. Only a small portion of the total audience. 


Any insights on why this simple list pull is not working correctly? 

I've reached out to Support, but their response was to consult the community. I've searched past discussions but didn't have any luck. 


Help! and thanks in advance! 


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Re: Tracking Email Sends Using Naming Convention

I can't reproduce any problem with this filter, although I would recommend


[contains] .OP_


(note the dot) instead of


[contains] OP_


to be more accurate. Both work for me, though. Are you sure there isn't some extra whitespace character you're actually using in your names — something that keeps getting cloned over so you aren't noticing it?

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Re: Tracking Email Sends Using Naming Convention

Thanks Sanford! 

I tried your suggestion in our instance and this did not work for us. Marketo support was able to escalate our ticket, so hopefully we can find a solution. Will keep you posted on our resolution. 

Enjoy your day,

Brooke Danielsen