Tracking Download Sources for Content

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Tracking Download Sources for Content

Is there a way to track where our leads are coming from for those that are downloading content like eBooks and whitepapers? I'm reviewing the activity_fill_out_form table in our data warehouse and I can see that there are utm parameters for webinars that show the utm medium but it doesn't show any of that information for ebooks and whitepapers. Should I be looking elsewhere? We also have a activity_visit_webpage table which is similar to activity_fill_out_form but not sure where to look--maybe the FORM_FIELDS column?


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Re: Tracking Download Sources for Content

Looks like you're using the hidden fields on the forms for capturing the lead source data. There may be a case where-in the content offer dowload form were submitted w/o any UTMs on the LP URL. Also, you probably wouldn't have the default values for the hidden UTM fields on the forms added, or else the default values would have been used for the form submissions w/o the respective utm param(s). Lastly, there could be a case where-in the proper UTM params were appended in the CTA URLs for the webinar registration which is why you're seeing the utm values for the webinar form fill activities. You can check the filled out form activities for both the cases (webinar and Content offer donwload form submissions) if they have utm query params or not.