Tracking Clicks on Operational Emails?

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Tracking Clicks on Operational Emails?

We're sending an operational email to our database, and we want to send a secondary reminder to people who don't click on the link in the first email (it's important that they access the information we're providing, so we want to give them every opportunity to see it).

It seems that Marketo won't let me choose operational emails on the filters "Clicked link in email" or "Not clicked link in email," but we have links in the email. A quick search in the Community and Product Docs didn't show this to be a commonly asked question.

Is this something we are just supposed to know? Is this a bug? Would love any advice or additional information you all have.

Thanks in advance,

Ashley Wicklund

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Re: Tracking Clicks on Operational Emails?

Hi Ashley. There is no restriction in Marketo on selecting operational email in the "clicked link in email" smart list filter. You need to look for another reason why the operational email isn't showing up for selection in the filter, for instance:

- email asset not approved

- you're running an A/B test on the operational email

- you're inside an email program trying to select an asset outside of it...

Try looking for other causes.