Track Lead Scoring Actions in Lead Profile

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Track Lead Scoring Actions in Lead Profile

Hi All,

We are looking to create a custom scoring field called "Dev Program Score" and a nurturing campaign with the following the following point system: 

+1 for opening an email
+3 for clicking a link in an email
+5 for reading a article
+10 for watching a video
+15 for visiting webinar landing page
+25 for filling out webinar landing page form 

Now, what I need help with is actually tracking the specific actions, and updating the lead's profile in marketo with these action details. Essentially what I want to be able to do is see something like this in the lead profile:

John Doe
Dev Program Score: 50
Dev Program Action: Opened Dev Program Email | Watched Dev Proram Video | Filled Out Form

Is it possible to do this in marketo, and also how much detail can we get in to, like "Watched Video X"

Many Thanks

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Re: Track Lead Scoring Actions in Lead Profile

You could do this, although I don't know why you would setup a secondary scoring and IM system as it adds complexity.
  • View lead profile - just add those fields to the Custom Field Layout in Admin.
  • Dev Program Action - I would base this on Last Interesting Moment Desc, but you could also have a separate campaign that says if "Clicks Link in Dev Email, then Change Data Value: Dev Program Action = X" This would be a Last Touch field and it would be updated every time.
  • Video - there are some threads on tracking video. The easiest is to say the page with the video is watched. If you want to go further, I suggest looking at Vidyard or a script someone posted recently.
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Re: Track Lead Scoring Actions in Lead Profile

Thanks Josh,

We have essentially 3 categories of products: Development Programs, Learning Solutions, and Lead Generation, and as such our campaigns usually fall under these 3 categories. 

Our thinking is this:
  1. Create 3 score fields matching our product categories above
  2. Track the lead's actions taken within each type of campaign,
  3. Adjust the score for each category of product within the lead record to determine affinity for a specific product within a given time frame
As such would it be possible to track all the lead's actions within that campaign category instead of just last touch attribution?

** EDIT **

I guess what I'm trying to do is
  1. Create campaign called Dev Program
  2. Create a custom lead score called Dev Program Score
  3. Adjust Dev Program Score based on lead actions taken within the overall Dev Program campaign
  4. Track all lead activities and interesting moments related to the overall Dev Program campaign (i realize can do this partly through interesting moment, but that only tracks last event. I want to be able to:
    1. Possible create a Dev Program Interesting Moments
    2. List all activity/interesting moments the lead has taken within that campaign, not just the last touch
Appreciate any help.