Track Embedded Form Performance

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Track Embedded Form Performance


I have the same embedded form on multiple pages on my site.  When the form is completed the leads are all pulled into the one smart campaign.  I am now trying to find out which form is performing better.  Is there a report that I can create that will show me how many people completed the form on each page over a given period of time?

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Re: Track Embedded Form Performance

Hi Gerard,

No, not really. You will have to create separated smart lists for each fills out form with the web page as a constraint.

You may use these smart lists to create custom report columns in a lead performance report, together with a report smart list so that you only have the leads that filled out this form, and group the report by date (or week or month).


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Re: Track Embedded Form Performance

ALWAYS use Fills Out Form X on Page Y to prevent this problem.