Tokens in Sales Insights

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Tokens in Sales Insights

Hi Everyone,

We are using a set of emails with Sales Insights in Salesforce, and the emails have tokens for First Name. When we've sent tests, as in an actualy email to say myself, the first name doesn't populate. It's just the {{lead.First Name:default=Hello}}. Should the token be pulling in the contact's name or does the person sending the email need to put their name in if they see fit? Is that just something that's standard from sending emails from the Sales Insights?

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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights


When you send the email as a sample, you need to choose a lead to view the email as, then the token will populate.

More info: Send a Sample Email - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights


Also, just an FYI if you are using the Marketo plug-in for Outlook tokens do not work when sending with the plug-in.