Tokens in Sales Insights Emails

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Tokens in Sales Insights Emails

Hi Everyone,

We are using a set of emails with Sales Insights in Salesforce, and the emails have tokens for First Name. When we've sent tests, as in an actualy email to say myself, the first name doesn't populate. It's just the {{lead.First Name:default=Hello}}. Should the token be pulling in the contact's name or does the person sending the email need to put their name in if they see fit? Is that just something that's standard from sending emails from the Sales Insights?

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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights Emails


When you send the email as a sample, you need to choose a lead to view the email as, then the token will populate.

More info: Send a Sample Email - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights Emails

Hi Alec,

Move this to Products . Marketing Central  is for generic marketing questions. And you will be more likely to get an answer as far more people will see it

I have also noticed that tokens in MSI have a tendency to behave strangely. As a result, I tend to avoid them...


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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights Emails

Hi Alec,

It would have worked, if you sent test email through Please find below the steps to follow.

1. Make an email Publish to Marketo Sales Insight

2. Go to your lead/contact in salesforce and find Marketo sales Insight section

3. Select Sent Marketo email in the Action tab

4. Select the respective templates that you wanted to test/send, then email will appear

5. Click Sent test button in the bottom of the email section.

6. You will be receiving an email with the proper first name.

P.S: If you sent test / sample email from Marketo, then token will not work. Please follow the steps as i mentioned above and test.

Hope this will help you.


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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights Emails


Note that tokens do not work within the Gmail Plugin and will not be pulled, they only work when sent from SFDC. Be careful which tokens you use as defaults can have issues specially is lead/account owners differ or so.

Also note if you edit the email in the Gmail Plugin you break the template tracking of said email.



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Re: Tokens in Sales Insights Emails

Revining this thread. Does anyone know if there is a token for the person who sent the sales insight email from Salesforce? I know there is lead owner but we have different users in SF that are not the lead owners.

So for example if Bob Dole sent the email, we want a token to sign off with his name.