Tokens for language paths in URLS

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Re: Tokens for language paths in URLS

I'll try again. Let me know if you see holes.

1. Create a field value called "Asset ID" that you assign to each white paper. It doesn't matter HOW you come up with the Asset ID.  You can start from 100 and work your way up if that's easier. 

Let's take the white paper above as an example: Definitive Guide to Compliance Program Assessment | NAVEX Global​. We'll give it an asset ID of 123. This content, though it has different URLs for language, is housed in one program in Marketo with a corresponding SFDC campaign.

If you can populate a hidden field with the asset ID for that specific white paper, then we could trigger off data value changes, new value is 123.

Your original point about referrer would be an easier and better solution since it doesn't require any additional fields. 

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Re: Tokens for language paths in URLS

You don't need to assign the Asset ID manually, and I think it does matter how you come up with it, because you want it to be as frictionless as possible to deploy. A separate ID provisioning process is just another spreadsheet to mess up! If there's one Asset ID per Program ID, then it stands to reason you should reuse the {{Program.Id}} as the Asset ID. You can add this to URLs as necessary in order to create groups of URLs linked to a single "virtual asset."

Nevertheless, the rest of the workflow would depend on hard-coding the IDs in Smart Campaigns(s) in order to find matches and assign Programs. Not that it wouldn't work, but for me, it wouldn't be maintainable. I think the whole thing (meaning how languages are encoded in URLs, how database and page content is segmented by language, how assets are named) probably needs to be rethought from the ground up.  Ideally you should be able to clone a program -- thus instantiating a new Program ID -> Asset ID -- and not have to copy-and-paste anything else to bring people into the program. (Unfortunately, using global forms inhibits such a project,, since you lose the extremely valuable program-local context)