Re: Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

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Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

Hi Community,

We have been getting some time out errors from Salesforce which results in members not being added into their corresponding Salesforce campaigns (but who are marked as success in Marketo).

Some of you may have already seen these errors:

  • {cannot reference converted lead}

  • CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY: Contact_Trigger_AIUDUD: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: [] () \n

Ideally, we'd want to centralizing locating all these failed campaign members. Since we cannot pull a list/report that identifies by the error, is it possible to tokenizing this action? Specifically we'd want to tokened the 'Add to SFDC Campaign' values, however, the flow actions don't seem to support this. Any way around this?

We're basically trying to get the campaign members who show success in Marketo to get put into their Salesforce campaigns. Right now it's not happening because of the above errors.

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Re: Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

Hi Kristina,

This is the same issue as in your other thread here: Reporting on Leads/Contacts not making it into Salesforce Campaign

But I really to not understand what you mean by "tokenizing the action". Can you elaborate more?

There are some program tokens that have a "SFDC campaign" type. You can use them as the campaign in an "add to SFDC campaign" flow step. But this is not going to suppress the error, which comes from SFDC. You could also use a lead field that contains a Campaign SFDC ID (18 digits) and use this field as a lead token in to set the campaign in this same flow step.


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Re: Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

Kristina is looking for getting all the leads that (were sent to be added to ANY SFDC campaign) but were not added to SFDC campaign successfully due to any reason like SFDC returning error, it seems. Thus 'which' SFDC campaign is 'ANY' and not only for a specific named SFDC campaign.

Like, writing a 'central' smart list like,




Additionally, we should have an ability to write a smart list that have filter like,

Leads that were,

Added to SFDC but failed to be added.

with possible constraints of error text.

Or at least a way to store the error we get from SFDC to a Lead field. So we can write smart lists ourselves in Marketo.

Also, an ability to use tokens in a flow action step like this might help,,, But that is not available right now.


Greg, I will add these to you product idea...

Rajesh Talele

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Re: Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

Or, Do we have any way to achieve these things as the way Marketo works right now...


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Re: Tokenizing 'Add to SFDC' Values?

Hi Rajesh,

If fact, even if the possibility existed, I am not sure it would give you especially the people you tried to add but for which the flow step failed.

But using tokens in filter operators or constraints is not possible and has been requested for quite some time. See