Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

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Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

In the Sync to SFDC flow step, is there a token I can use when someone leaves the company and I need to change the SFDC user name?


This is specific to my content syndication programs. Someone left the company and since they are no longer an SFDC User, my leads are not being routed correctly. I don't want to have to change 120 programs every time someone moves on. I tried creating a local token {{my.SFDC User Paid Social}} but it doesn't seem to work. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

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Re: Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

Hi Frank,

I think you're referring to My Tokens. 

Here's a couple of documents for you to review. If you are looking to use My Tokens, you might want to map these out and create them at the folder structure level so operational programs inherit them. 

Understanding My Tokens in a Program - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

Use Tokens in Flow Steps - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

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Re: Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

Unfortunately, I don't believe you can use a token with this flow step (Someone let me know if I'm wrong).  The owner attribute from Salesforce is a reference to the person's user ID in SFDC, which unfortunately to my knowledge can't be tokenized.  

I'd love to hear if anyone has a hack for this.  This would be a great solution for task assignment as well.  

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Re: Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

I just ran into this issue after migrating to a SFDC/Marketo instance from a non-SFDC linked instance. The my token did not work with this flow step. If there are any ideas out there to get around this or change user assignments easily, I would love to hear from you.