Text-Only Emails – Improve Deliverability?

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Text-Only Emails – Improve Deliverability?

Hello! I have a question about text-only emails. Is including text versions a best practice because text versions actually improve deliverability? I'm confused on the difference between deliverability and some recipient's only being able to receive text-version emails. Any help would be great!


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Re: Text-Only Emails – Improve Deliverability?


It is best practice to always include a text-only version along with the HTML version. The reason for this is that many recipients as well as their server may turn off downloading HTML by default for spam and virus protection reasons. Thus, the only version they may see is the text only version unless they choose to consciously download the HTML as well.

Also a best practice is to not only "copy from html" when drafting the text version, but to also check the formatting to make sure links are clearly visible and line breaks are in the right places.