Testing 3 landing pages

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Testing 3 landing pages

Hi Community! I am reaching out for insight on how to structure an ABC test for registration pages. How would you suggest structuring this test? I haven't conducted a landing page test before, so looking for advice. Thank you in advance! 

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Re: Testing 3 landing pages

Hey Megan,


Great idea getting into A/B testing, I think it's really important to know what actually works apart from what seems like it should or does. 


In terms of structuring an A/B test, the idea is to isolate one condition (variable) and make a change to only that one thing to see if it performs better or worse by comparison. To test multiple things, you might want to think of it as a series of A/B tests rather than an A/B/C test which will help to tighten the scope of the comparison by eliminating any other difference in the conditions.


There's an ebook that Jess Kao put out a while back that might be a good primer for you: https://digitalpi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/DPI-eBook-ABtesting.pdf


Happy testing 🙂