Team Member Access to Marketo

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Team Member Access to Marketo

I would like to give non-operational members of my marketing team access to see their programs in Marketo. However, it looks like the limitations on Marketing Activities are pretty sparse. I do not want them to be able to edit emails, send emails, etc. -- but it seems like I can't stop that without barring access to Marketing Activities altogether. I've unclicked everything offered in the "Roles" set up, but there doesn't seem to be anything limiting these types of activities.

Is there a way to allow them just to view programs, lists, Marketing Activities? It would be very valuable for the teams, but some will go ahead and do work themselves, which we want to avoid to keep some controls in the system.


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Marketo Employee

Re: Team Member Access to Marketo

Hi Ann,

Have you tried only checking Access Marketing Activities and unchecking all of it's sub-boxes?  That would restrict them from being able to run campaigns, activate campaigns, edit any Marketing Activities asset, or clone any asset.