Tags for reporting and attribution

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Tags for reporting and attribution

Hi there!

I am looking at a way to use tags for our event programs so that we can easily attribute new leads created by the program (lead acquisition) to the team member in charge with the campaign,

I know how to create tags and familiar with creating smart lists and finding the right report, but how can I link the two?

At the moment, I have a trigger for each program that attributes the team member to programs I choose manually. There must be another way.

Does anyone do anything similar?

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Re: Tags for reporting and attribution

Can you describe in more detail what you want? Tag values only appear in PRogram Performance report and RCE. If you have RCE, use a Program Member report and there you go!

I'm not sure what you mean by triggers and team members. Tags don't work that way. Do you mean you have some sort of central system to push leads to the right program?

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Re: Tags for reporting and attribution

Josh - What Emily is trying to ask (I know this because we are on the same team) is whether we should use tags or some other mechanism to attribute new leads to people on our team. For example, we have colleagues around the world who work with events. They are responsible for producing XX number of new names per month, so we need to report on who gave us what names.

We narrowed it down to three options:

  • We could either keep a spreadsheet of who was responsible for what campaign, see how many new names it generated and sum it in excel.
  • Create a custom field for "employee acquisition" and make sure that is filled in when uploading the leads so we can mass export any new names and sort by "employee acquisition"
  • Use a tag?

From what it sounds like, tags only work in program performance reports and are pretty much used as an organizational feature rather than a reporting feature.

I've been patrolling the community and haven't found any great examples of how people use tags other than to keep things organized when others search for keywords. I think we were just hoping they were more powerful than that.