Syncing options with SFDC & Marketo

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Syncing options with SFDC & Marketo

A while ago, I had seem a post regarding Marketo & SFDC Databases and changing the way they sync to avoid unclean data.

Ideally we would like to be able to put contacts in SFDC and not sync to Marketo unless we get a email, as well as import to Marketo contact that we do not to sync to SFDC until they are ready and qualified. What are the best practices for keeping the databases separate, yet still syncing them when it is appropriate to do so?

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Re: Syncing options with SFDC & Marketo

Hi Tara,

You can create a "sync with Marketo" field in SFDC (on lead and contact), then ask support to activate a sync on this field.

On SFDC side, you will be able to setup some workflows to check and/or uncheck this field, based on various info, such as empty email.

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