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Sync with Marketo

Hey Guys,

I need small help, we have two users as System Administrator. So, whenever i upload any contacts to Salesforce it automatically sync to Marketo Instance, and I did raised a Ticket on SF as well as on Marketo, and both unable to resolve this issue.

Can anyone help me step by step how I can disable the sync with Marketo with particular user in

For example:  If I upload any new contacts or accounts in it  should not sync to Marketo until and unless I assign that lead or account to specific user, then only it should sync to Marketo.

Please help me in resolving this issue.



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Re: Sync with Marketo

Your sync with Marketo is based on your sync user in Salesforce.  To restrict people from being synced you need to restrict access for the sync user in Salesforce.  Does that make sense.  The sync is based on the access level of the sync user

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Re: Sync with Marketo

Jamie has the point here: your sharing setting in SFDC is not set up as it should and Marketo support will not be able to help...

As suggested by Josh below, you might want to set up a sync filter, as a workaround, although I do think that fixing it through SFDC sharing model would be better.

See, amongst other things

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Re: Sync with Marketo

There are a lot of threads on how to do this in detail, please search around for more details and ideas.