Sync lead to SFDC

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Sync lead to SFDC

Is the "Sync lead to SFDC" flow needed for leads to sync to Salesforce?

I ask this because  our leads were getting re-assigned and I was told that it was because of that flow or other "change lead owner" flows in our database. I have deactivated all of the "Change owner" flows and wanted to know if I needed the sync flow also.

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Re: Sync lead to SFDC

Hey Casey,

Generally speaking, yes, that flow step is needed. The only place I've seen Leads synched to SFDC without that flow is if you have synched the Mkto Program to SFDC Campaign. That will push all members in Mkto into SFDC to be a Campaign member, synching the Lead in the process. I would just be cognizant of that as you go through checking.
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Re: Sync lead to SFDC

You need a Sync process to get Net New leads into SFDC for the first time.

If in that same flow is being used with other flow steps, then this could be your issue. You may need to think about having seperate flows for certain actions/outcomes. A simple sync to sfdc flow in you Lead Life Cycle process to start with.

If you mixing syncs to SFDC with lead assignments, your lead meets the same criteria again and goes in to your sync to SFDC again and gets assigned to ANOTHER owner, in SFDC it will be reassigned again in a loop.

You must have a seperate smart campaign that is assigning leads to owners when some action takes place.

Hope this makes sense.
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Re: Sync lead to SFDC

It's important to consider your lead lifecycle process.
  1. What are the steps a lead should go through to reach sales? 
  2. What should marketing do?
  3. What should sales expect?
  4. What should sales do with a lead?
  5. how will marketing and sales know when a lead was dispositioned?
  6. what should happen to the lead at each point?
For instance, when should a lead go to an SDR or field sales?
  • Score >= X?
  • what flow actions need to occur at that trigger?
  • how is sales notified?
  • should the Sync Lead to SFDC action also assign the owner? Should we use SFDC Lead Assignment Rules?
Also you should generally centralize this process of pushing leads over. the critical exception is if you connect Programs to SFDC Campaigns, which will auto sync ALL leads who are members of the Program. In that case, you should have a process on SFDC side to move those leads to a Queue until it is time to pass to Sales.