Suppressing Lists from a Program

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Suppressing Lists from a Program


I have a program that I am setting up for email. I've imported three lists. List A contains my target audience. Lists B and C need to be suppressed from list A. I then created a smart list, D, within the program and set the filters to:

Member of List, person in A

Member of List, person not in B or C


This seems to get me the list I want to use. From the control panel on the program, I am attempting to select smart list D by selecting, "edit smart list" then selecting:

Member of Smart list, person in D


When I run D, I get zero records. How do I get my program to use smart list D? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Suppressing Lists from a Program

One thing in your logic that might be causing the issue is that I think your rules should be:


Is member of list A, Not in List B, AND not in List C. 


You have it as Member of A, Not in B OR C. That should be an "and" I believe.  Try that, see what records you get back.