Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting

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Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting

We often times do custom webcasts with various media publications (Infoweek, Eweek, SC Mag, etc.) and after the event we receive the video file for our own hosting.  I see I can easily host it on Brightcove/Vimeo, etc.  but does anyone have any suggestions on ways to host the webcast behind a form to continue to generate leads from the on-demand version?  For reference the file is a 46MB .mp4

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Re: Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting


Create a Program (or add this to the original program):

On Demand Landing Page + Form
point  the Form to a page where the video is embedded as you desire. You should be able to restrict views to a specific page or referrer/link.
-create a new trigger to listen for the Page+Form so you adjust the progression to Viewed on Demand. You should consider whether or not people who Attended can be Viewed on Demand or not.

So the file itself could be on your server or on vimeo or even youtube. 
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Re: Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting

Josh's answer here covers what you need!

The key to your question is the fact that the video should be behind a form. You should also list the video as private if you choose Vimeo or YouTube. This is because if an individual is forced to fill out a form, they should be getting something in return. If that video is public, it can be discouraging.

Progressive profiling or a blind form submit will prevent individuals from filling out multiple forms if they are already a known contact.

I work with Vidyard - we do two interesting things in this scenario.

1. We can place the Marketo form inside the video player. This can be before the video, during the video (after a teaser) or at the end of the video. This allows you to generate leadst regardless of where your video is embedded.

2. We track the attention span of the viewer directly into that lead's activity log. This allows you to build smart lists based on video engagement.

For more info, you can visit us on LaunchPoint or contact me directly.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting


How are you able to do form pre-fill with Marketo forms embedded in videos?

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Re: Suggestions For On-Demand Webcast Hosting

Hi TIm

We used Vidyard as well in a different way. Instead of putting the Marketo form inside the player, we created a landing page with the form and the thank you page contains the On Demand video. We can always advertise on our website the registration page for each On Demand. Either solutions works. it depends on your needs.

If you use On24, you can get this done within the tool and customize the page within ON24. The tool will pass back the stats on how much the On demand has been viewed back to Marketo.