Subscription Preference Programs

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Subscription Preference Programs


I am looking for feedback on how others have set up their subscription preference programs. Specifically how others are getting people to opt-in when new to the database. Any suggestions and/or best practices we should keep in mind? Thanks in advance for any/all input!

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Re: Subscription Preference Programs

Hi Sue,

I have found the following very helpful:

- Subscription Centerby Edward Masson

- Building a Subscription Management Center from Josh Hill

I hope you'll find them as useful.

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Re: Subscription Preference Programs

I'm also currently going through the process of updating our preference center. Our team seems to be split between having only 1 unsubscribe link in the footer of an email or 2 links, one to "unsubscribe" and 1 to "update your profile".

To explain this a little further, if there was just one unsubscribe link, the subscription LP would be pretty packed with a section to update info such as name, email, industry, language, etc. Then there would be another section below that to change subscription settings, such as only subscribing to events, newsletters, product info, etc or to actually unsubscribe from all (or pause for 90 days).

I'm all about short and simple when it comes to letting people unsubscribe so I feel like having 2 links in the email footer will be better. The first is to unsubscribe and will just have 2 options: 90 day pause and unsubscribe. Really simple. The next link would be to update your profile and would include the extra info mentioned above. Would love feedback on this and would love to know if anyone has tested these methods and found one better than the other.