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Status field for SFDC contacts

This may be more a SFDC question than a Marketo one, but I recently created a new contact in SFDC because the person was a personal connection.  That contact synced over to Marketo with the "qualified" status.  I did some digging and found out that Marketo "status" maps to SFDC "lead status."  Since this person has no SFDC lead, here is what I'm thinking, and you can either correct me or verify, please:

In SFDC all contacts are assumed to be qualified, hence a status field would be redundant an unnecessary.  Therefore, if no lead exists, but a contact does, SFDC and Marketo default to qualified.

Is that right, or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Status field for SFDC contacts

You most likely have a workflow or a default setting which set it as "Qualified" -- because the lead status options can vary based on how you've customized SFDC.

I'd look at the field's setup to see if it's the default option, and if not, take a look at your workflows in SFDC to see if it might set it for you.
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Re: Status field for SFDC contacts

Also, you may need to create a custom field for Contact Status, A contact showing renewed interest should go through your funnel too similar to an accpted lead. In Marketo you would set up smart campaigns to listen to changes in status in both Lead Status and Contact Status and you update your Modeler.
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Re: Status field for SFDC contacts

Yes, this must be a default status set up somewhere, and I would assume in SFDC.