Static Emails Not Imported

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Static Emails Not Imported

Hi! I am doing a simple static list upload from a tradeshow and all the information is uploaded to the static list except the emails. The email column is blank even though I have mapped it correctly. Any idea why that might be?

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Re: Static Emails Not Imported

Do you have multiple Email Address fields? If so, it'd be worth checking if you've selected the correct Email Address field in the list import dialog, sometimes, the dialog makes it difficult to read the complete field name, and you'd need to scroll to the right to verify if the correct field is selected or not.

Also, while importing, did you see any squiggly lines underneath the field(s)? The red squiggly line indicates that multiple columns of the list import file are mapped with a single Marketo field, and the green indicates that the field updates are blocked on the selected field. Lastly, I'd also check if the email address values in the import file are properly added.