Stagger emails in an engagement program

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Stagger emails in an engagement program

We are running an engagement nurture campaign. In the list, we have a lot of emails from the same company. (They have different locations we can service) We need to stagger the list so they don't get too many emails at the same time. What's the best way to go about this?

Casey Muller
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Re: Stagger emails in an engagement program

Hi Casey,

If you're using the Engagement program to manage your nurture campaign there's no straightforward way to stagger the sends without relying on multiple streams that have various send times over a period of time. 

Stream OneStream TwoStream ThreeStream Four
Cadence: Monday, 1pmCadence: Monday 2pmCadence: Monday 3pmCadence: Monday 4pm

When adding leads to the program, you could use the Random Sample = X% flow step to spread people out across the X number of streams you have.

Alternatively, if each of the regions are in different timezones, you can use Recipient Time Zone tick box when setting up the stream cadence to make sure it's spread out to send at X time in the person's time zone instead of batching them all out at a single time.

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Re: Stagger emails in an engagement program

What if you have duplicates,  wouldn't it mean that you're receiving the email more than once on the same day?