Split behavioral scoring for different products

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Split behavioral scoring for different products

I want to setup behavioral scoring, but different scoring fields for different products.
So I would have as score fields

  • scoring_behavioral_product1
  • scoring_behavioral_product2

One of the elements influencing the score is 'clicked link in email' with the restriction of not being the unsubscribe link or the link to the preference center.  I am tagging my email programs with a custom tag product, values are product1 and product2.

Question : is there a way to use the "product' tag as a filter in my smart list?

e.g. I have a 'clicks link in email for product1' campaign that should only run for the clicks in the mails with product tag product1.

Or is there another solution for this?

Franky Ruysschaert
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Re: Split behavioral scoring for different products

Hi Franky Ruysschaert

You cannot filter a smart list on the basis of tags. One possible way I can think of is:

You can make a lead member of a program, say a lead clicks link on the email of product type 1, you can make it a member of program with status "clicked_pr1" and in the scoring campaign you can say member of program any and program status is "clicked_pr1", and in the flow step you can do the desires scoring.

You can wait for other suggestions to come on your way and implement the best one.


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Re: Split behavioral scoring for different products

You're going to need to tag your clickable links as well. As Ankit says, the tag "context" of an email is not directly filterable.

I recommend you create a {{my.token}} that's a copy of the current tag value(s), like {{my.tags}}. Then you can add that token to the query string of URLs or (thinking strategically) use it in the id attribute of your links. Why the id? Because that gives you a secondary constraint in a Clicked Email trigger.

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Re: Split behavioral scoring for different products

It sounds like you want to implement some form of product scoring.

Something to consider: let behaviour score measure overall urgency (don't literally "split it"). In addition, create separate scores for the different types of products you offer. The easiest and most scalable way to increment product scores is to structure your webpage slugs to help out e.g. yoursite.com/productA/case-studies or yoursite.com/productB/case-studies and you would simply create a scoring campaign filtering for Visited webpage contains /productA/ or /productB/

If you're actually splitting up a complete behaviour score, you may be discounting the interest that the prospect is showing in your business.