Special characters in Sender Name

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Special characters in Sender Name


We want to use the assigned sales person as sender of emails, so we use a token for that. While it looks fine inside the email, it is not working in the Email Sender field, as it seems it is not supporting special chacters (æ,ø,å / UTF-8) - although I know it does support it, when we are not using a token.

The names of the sales people is coming from SFDC, and it looks fine both in SFDC and in Marketo (in the field). The field type is text.

We use the same token inside the email and in the Email Sender field.

This is what it looks like in the sender field:


Does anyone know what is happening? And how to solve it?

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Re: Special characters in Sender Name

Try flipping the the settings for HTML Encode Tokens in admin for that field: HTML Encode Tokens in Emails - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation