Snippet limitations

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Snippet limitations

Just wondering if this is possible in Marketo.

1, Have a editable section contain more than one snippet.
2, After a snippet is dragged and dropped into an email and let's say there's an image in that snippet. Can the image be changed? If so, how?
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Re: Snippet limitations

Hi Sidney

Here are answers to your queries:-

1. In an email, an editable section can have only one snippet. Where as in a landing page, it is possible to have multiple snippets inside one editable scetion.

2. Yes it is possible to edit the image inside an existing snippet. That snippet has to be edited in Design Studio first and after changes are made, that snippet needs to be approved before using/ dragging it.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Best Regards
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Re: Snippet limitations

Do you add any wait time/ run into any issues dynamically populating content on a TY page based on it fitting into a segmentation defined by name / email? I notice that the page immediately does not load correctly but on refresh will have the right dynamic value displayed. Curious if there's a common fix since the value displayed on the TY page is linked to the form response.