Smartlist strategy

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Smartlist strategy

Hi All,

I'm working on a "list strategy" for a large company, and wondering if there are some best practises out there for what list are needed?

I was thinking about the general list with some of the lists mentioned below:

- Subscripers.

- Unsubscripers

- Leads

- Prospects

- Customers

- Invalid customer data 

But I would also like to have persona list that we can use in each step of the funnel, fx.

Persona A - TOFO stage

Persona A - MOFO stage

Persona A - BOFO stage

Do any of you guys have some smartlist best practise, regarding what list but also the naming and folder structure, that I experience is very important when working with Marketo.

Hope you can help

P.S. I also assume that these list should "live" in the lead database, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Re: Smartlist strategy

Hi Christoffer,

That's a good start. You may also want to use some segmentations as well.

And yes, these will be better in the lead database.

if the company uses workspaces, you may even want to place these SL if a workspace, in a shared folder, so that only a very small number of authorised users can modify the criteria.


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Re: Smartlist strategy

I would also add lists or rather segmentations based on important geographies, job level/titles, industries, product or application interests, and any thing else that you could consider segmenting on. 

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Re: Smartlist strategy

Thx for the answer! Do you have some sort of naming strategy for the list? So it will be easy to find them later on?

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Re: Smartlist strategy

Segmentations are easy to find later, as they're their own filter.. This is how I'd go about this project.

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Re: Smartlist strategy

Christoffer Larsen

+1 for segmentations. For ease of maintenance, faster processing time, and consolidating logic in one place. 

Just keep in mind that you can run into order of operations issues if you are relying on segment membership as a filter for real time actions, as the segment has its own process to update based on changes and may or may not be current at campaign run time, unlike a smart list which will run a fresh query every time.