Smart list set up

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Smart list set up

Hi -

I am trying to set up an email campaign that goes to two groups.  Group A is owned by any of several sales reps.  That part is easy.  Group B, though, is owned by Salesperson X and must not be actively in our nuture campaign in order to receive this latest email.
The sticking point I'm finding has to do with who owns leads after they make it through the nurture. They start as owned by Salesperson X and can either exhaust the stream and remain with X, exhaust the stream and (at some point down the line) be assigned to another rep, or they can be paused from the stream (usually at which point they are assigned to another rep). 
So, if I say to send it to anyone who has exhausted the nurture or who is on pause, that could potentially include people assigned to other reps - even customers - who were once in the nurture.  
The best I have come up with so far is to say "owned by X and not was added to the nurture in the last 60 days."  I think that excludes anyone who has been assigned to another rep, and it gives anyone in the stream and assigned to X enough time to run through it all (this nurture takes 6 weeks).

My problem is the "Not added" filter - am I setting this up correctly?  Please see below.

Any hints are welcome - thank you!


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Re: Smart list set up

The Not Was Added will include anyone who was never a part of the selected Program, so I believe this will work. I'd spot check the membership though.

You don't really need the email address filter, but that's ok.

Owned by X
Member of Engagement IS FALSE
Member of Engagement IS TRUE and Status=Paused

would that work?
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Re: Smart list set up

Thank you!