SLA Infractions Report Drill-down

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SLA Infractions Report Drill-down

Is there a way to create an SLA infractions report, where I can drill down and see the actual leads that are past-due? I have the report in RCA that shows number of infractions by lead owner/sales group, but looking for a way to see an actual list of who the leads are, that I could send to our sales managers on a weekly basis to get on to their reps. Thanks!
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Re: SLA Infractions Report Drill-down

You may have to do this with a lead analysis report or to add email address to the SLA report.

Another way would be to have an SLA management campaign that handles this, marking someone as SLA Violation=TRUE until something else changes.
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Re: SLA Infractions Report Drill-down

Hi Josh

i am very interested in this topic. Wondering if you could share how it is done please.

I started by creating a channel is SLA values such as member, SLA violated, SLA complete on time, SLA complete out of time

Then i can can create a program and move leads based on revenue cycle stages.

However, i am struggling with triggers and time stamping