Skip a week in an engagement campaign

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Skip a week in an engagement campaign

Hi. I an engagement campaign running on a weekly basis. We want to skip a week of the campaign, to skip a holiday week. What would be the best way to do this? I would appreciate the help!



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Re: Skip a week in an engagement campaign

Hi Veronica,

You can simply turn off the nurture under the setup tab and then turn it back on and it will pick back up during the set cadence. Or here are some other options from another post: Pausing Nurture Streams during holidays

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Re: Skip a week in an engagement campaign

+1 to Chris' method. If you do follow the campaign flow method he linked to, make triple-sure you only include active members of the current nurture in the smart list. I've seen users accidentally run campaigns to pause and un-pause records not realizing that if you run a member through a campaign telling them to pause within the program, they actually get added to the program . Additionally, you have to be careful not to un-pause records who may have been paused due to meeting the success criteria, etc.