Single Stream Nurtures

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Single Stream Nurtures

Hi all,


I am seeking guidance on how best to set up a single stream nurture for new leads from a particular lead source. We want to send the first email 2 days after the lead is received, the second 5 days later, and then 5 days later enter them into the general top of funnel nurture program.


I wanted to leverage a stream for those 2 emails but it doesn't appear to be the right solution. Rather I was going to set up a series of smart campaigns within an engagement program to deliver the 2 emails then transition the lead to the top of funnel engagement. 


Can I get opinions on the best way to structure this? Thanks!

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Re: Single Stream Nurtures

If your time reference needs to be a specific event, an engagement program might indeed not be the easiest way to achieve your goal. Your timing can be achieved, but would require a bit of a work around to align with your cadence. With only three emails and a clear way to define your timings I think I would opt for a Default program instead. I would not create one single smart campaign with wait steps, as that is very tricky to manage if any changes are required. Instead, I would set up three batch campaigns:

  1. Filter on lead was received in past before 2 days (meaning at least 48 hours ago) and send email 1. Set schedule to only run once.
  2. Filter on email 1 was sent in past before 5 days and send email 2. Set schedule to only run once.
  3. Filter on email 2 was sent in past before 5 days and send email 3. Set schedule to only run once.

This is assuming every person will only ever run through this process once. If they can flow through multiple times you need to get a bit more complex with your time reference filters to ensure it is "in past before two days" as well as "in past three days" to ensure the same email does not get sent every day.


Hope this helps!