Simple alternative to reCaptcha to avoid Timeout-or-Duplicate error

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Simple alternative to reCaptcha to avoid Timeout-or-Duplicate error

We are having performance issues with reCaptcha integration, because Marketo is not able to reliably validate a response within 2 minutes. There is a suggestion to proxy the reCaptcha results in persistent database here: but the web team would prefer not to set up a persistent database.


Here is an idea of a simple alternative:

1. Instead of sending a reCaptcha fingerprint with the form submission, submit a custom signature that would be calculated in the browser based on email address, e.g. sha256 of email address.

2. Create a simple validation web service that would take an email address and a signature and return a JSON object like this

"success": true|false,      // whether the signature matches the email address
  "response_ts": timestamp  // timestamp of the response (ISO format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZZ)

3. Marketo would call the validation web service using a webhook after a form was submitted and blacklist any leads for which the response returned success = false. The timestamp would be used for a Change Data Value trigger.



  • No timeout
  • Easy to integrate in website
  • Not requiring reCaptcha


  • Does not prevent attacker that uses a web browser to submit spam lead(s)
  • Not bulletproof against a determined attacker - they could fake the email signature if they went through the trouble of looking at the form submission code

I think the disadvantages are manageable - the spam leads we were getting were not using a browser, but directly posting to the forms endpoint. Those leads would be easily weeded out by this mechanism.


Before implementing this idea, I am submitting it for a review to the community to see if I am missing something obvious. I will appreciate any feedback.



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Re: Simple alternative to reCaptcha to avoid Timeout-or-Duplicate error

This is so trivially forgeable that it has nothing in common with reCAPTCHA. It's just an algorithm revealed in plain text in the browser for anyone to (ab)use.

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Re: Simple alternative to reCaptcha to avoid Timeout-or-Duplicate error

Hi Sanford, appreciate the feedback. I agree it is forgeable, but not trivially. For starters, it will require somebody (a JavaScript knowledgeable human being) to spend some time and effort - a barrier most hackers that post SPAM leads to Marketo instances will not bother to overcome. The sha256 hash is just an example, a more complex algorithm could be used. Finally, the website could generate changing seeds for the signature that a hacker would not be able to forge.


My understanding of the spammer game is as follows: They submit to random forms on the web and monitor replies. If they find an auto-response with personalized content, they just replicate the traffic in an automated way, bypassing the browser. They do not inspect the website code - the return on such effort would not be worth it. This is the attack we are trying to block.