Showing Acquired Lead Score as Raw Data

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Showing Acquired Lead Score as Raw Data


I have a question regarding Lead Scoring reporting in Marketo.

Is there any way to display (and export) all the leads with all the Lead scoring campaigns attached to them as columns?

For example. This is a random lead with its scoring:


Is there any way to have all the data for all leads in columns, so it will look like that:

Lead     1.2 Inferred Country     11.0 Website not empty   1. Email
1                      +30                                         +10                     +35
2                       +15                                         -10                     +35
3                         -

Or something similar to that? So I can I see all the scoring calculations combined for all leads.

Thank you

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Re: Showing Acquired Lead Score as Raw Data

Hi Boris,

Please move this question to Products where it belongs. Marketing Central is for generic marketing questions.

These are activity information that you You will have to export through the API. You can use built in connectors from MSFT PowerBI or Tableau, launchpoint solutions or directly extract this data from Excel using pwoer Query. See