SFDC sync via any other field?

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SFDC sync via any other field?

Hi All,

I understand that the sync between Salesforce and Marketo keys off of email id of the leads. But, is there any other field which I use as the primary key for this sync? Is this modifiable? I was looking for SFDC record id, which will be unique, even if there are multiple leads/contacts with the same email id in salesforce. Can I change this sync to key off sfdc record id? or something besides email id? Because we have a situation where the email id for is the same for 3 different accounts, and it keeps updating only one lead. How do I stop this?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: SFDC sync via any other field?

Yes, you can modify the key from email address.  What you can do is add fields to it.  For example you can use email plus last name.  It can;t be done through the interface however, you must call support to get it done.

As far as SFDC, all sfdc records are keyed off of the sfdc record id so when records come from sfdc that is what they will be keyed off of.  That is why you can get dupes in Marketo from SFDC.