Re: SFDC Sync Not Always Assigning Salesforce Partner

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SFDC Sync Not Always Assigning Salesforce Partner

Hello, everyone!

I'm currently working through an issue where our Marketo flow appears to be built accurately, and all data is available from the Lead via a web form, but the syncing action isn't always assigning a Salesforce partner to the Lead (I'd say this is happening to about 25% of our incoming Leads). This is resulting in our team needing to manually go into Marketo to sync the Lead to the appropriate Salesforce partner. I've made some very minor adjustments to the Smart List and the Flow, but the problem seems to persist. I've attached some screenshots below - maybe someone can see the issue?

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.44.55 PM.png

NOTE: We use the "Person is Created / Source Type is not Salesforce" rule in the Smart List because we initially imported leads directly into Salesforce when we got started with Marketo.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.45.14 PM.png

NOTE: I redacted our Salesforce "User's" names for their privacy. What isn't shown in the screenshot above is that there are a total of 8 choices and one default choice.

Am I missing something in my setup? Do I need to rearrange any of the actions in the Flow to achieve better results? Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Re: SFDC Sync Not Always Assigning Salesforce Partner

Hi - I'd be going back through examples of different leads in their activity log and see if they are hitting the smart campaign properly and that Salesforce itself isn't interfering. Is there any chance leads are hitting an assignment rule or workflow of some kind when the leads hit Salesforce?

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Re: SFDC Sync Not Always Assigning Salesforce Partner

Hey, Veronica! Thanks for the response!

I had been looking through a bunch of logs comparing Leads that synced to Salesforce against those that did not and felt I had determined the issue to be a part of the original Smart List setup that was excluding from the sync Leads that already existed in our database from other forms. I made and adjustment to those rules per Marketo Support, but was still seeing some Leads coming into Marketo, but not syncing to Salesforce.

However, all of our Leads coming through today have been syncing to Salesforce as expected. Maybe the problem is resolved?

At any rate, if I see another come through without syncing to Salesforce I think I will reach out to our Salesforce contact per your suggestion to see if there's something happening on their end.

Thanks again!