SFDC Sync Issue

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SFDC Sync Issue

We have received the following SFDC sync error message for the past 10+ nights around 1am ET:

soqlQueryMore failed - An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 442827335-2221 (244058026)

I looked into the message and it sounds like it could be SFDC running a batch update of some sort, which is overloading the system and not allowing the sync between Marketo and SFDC to occur?

Does anyone have a suggested fix for this on the Marketo or SFDC side? I saw that we could possibly look to decrease the number of fields we are syncing between the two systems but that also caused an error for some people. If we remove a field from the Marketo sync user in SFDC that already exists on Marketo records, do we need to hide those records in Marketo?

I'm not sure if this is related, but recently some statuses from linked SFDC campaigns have not been syncing to the program members in Marketo, and certain fields that get populated in SFDC have not populated on that record in Marketo.

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Re: SFDC Sync Issue


Best to ask Support so you can get more details about the error, but yes, it could be too much data load at one time that caused the error.

If you remove a field from the Marketo sync user that already has values for leads in Marketo, they will remain with those values but they will never have them updated from SFDC. So it is best to hide those fields if you don't intend to use them again. Note that you need to remove all references to that field in forms, smart lists, and smart campaigns before you can hide a field.