SFDC Campaign syncing not matching program members in Marketo

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SFDC Campaign syncing not matching program members in Marketo


Has anyone come across the number of leads in the marketo program not matching the number of leads in the SFDC campaign it is synced with? I have tried a few different ways to fix this issue: adding the leads to the SFDC campaign via a flow step, changing the status in marketo in hopes they will be pushed over, run actions to push them to the SFDC campaign. I know that the status in marketo

The run action fixes this is the short term but not plausible to do every day, to each campaign. I've searched through the activity logs and cant find any errors or any common denominator as to why it happens to some leads and not others. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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Re: SFDC Campaign syncing not matching program members in Marketo

Hi Erin Mackintire ,

To trouble shoot this, a few steps:

  • Check that the Marketo user has all required rights on lead and campaign objects, and is a
  • Are the missing leads in SFDC? if so, some missing info prevents them to be pushed from Marketo to SFDC. try a forced sync (apply a sync to SFDC flow step manually) and look at the activity log detail to learn what the error is
  • If they are in SFDC, then it is likely that you have set up some custom requirements on campaign members or that the status definitions  are not identical in SFDC and Marketo. Go to the program member tab and select one of these missing leads. Remove it from the program (apply a "change status -> not in program), then add it back (change status -> whatever status you wish). Wait for the next sync to happen (5 minutes) and look at the activity log. It will display the error, if any (look at the activity detail)

If the errors are not meaningful, provide a screen shot here, we will give a look.


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Re: SFDC Campaign syncing not matching program members in Marketo

Hi Erin

Did you check that the campaign members statuses match the Marketo program statuses? Are you syncing your program with Marketo at the program level or via the flow steps? It could be that depending on your setup some leads are just not being added to your campaign

From what I seen in the past, most issues for number not matching a seem to be :

  • As Gregoire said: one or more fields syncing to SFDC have values that SFDC does not recognized
    • for example: State field has a 2 letter abbreviation (CA) but the lead that came in used the full state name (California)
  • Marketo Program statuses and SFDC member statuses are different
    • You can check this in the campaign in SFDC then click on the Advanced setup
    • So when you update the status it just does not work
  • Make sure you remove any test leads as those may not be synced to SFDC depending on your setup
    • That can have an impact on your total number
  • The way SFDC displays the total number of records is a bit confusing
    • the total leads + Total converted lead should be a number that is very similar if not the same to Marketo total members in program